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Womens Running Shoes | Structured Cushioning Running Shoes

   Structured Cushioning Running Shoes

Products in the Structured Cushioning segment are designed for runners who pronate slightly more than normal and generally have a normal arch. Their foot strike takes place in a neutral to slightly pronated position, using the body's natural pronation to attenuate shock. Structured Cushioning runners need their shoes to help control a small degree of overpronation, but they don't need all the shock attenuation attributes of a Cushion segment shoe.

Saucony Progrid Guide 5 Womens
RRP: 95.00 - SAVE 10%
Price: 85.50
Saucony Progrid Guide 4 Womens
RRP: 87.00 - SAVE 10%
Price: 78.30
Saucony Progrid Phoenix 5 Womens
RRP: 72.00 - SAVE 10%
Price: 64.80
Saucony Progrid Hurricane 14 Womens
RRP: 115.00 - SAVE 10%
Price: 103.50
Saucony Progrid Hurricane 13 womens
RRP: 110.00 - SAVE 10%
Price: 99.00
Saucony Progrid Hurricane 12 Womens
RRP: 105.00 - SAVE 24%
Price: 79.99
Saucony progrid Omni 10 Womens
RRP: 95.00 - SAVE 10%
Price: 85.50

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