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A neglected part of women's apparel is a sports bra. You would not dream of running in a pair of ill-fitting shoes would you?. You need a sports bra which is not only your size, but one which also geared to give you maximum support in your chosen sporting activity. Have a look at our great range of sports bras in our online store.

To help you on your way here are some points to help you use the correct sports bra.

  • Stand straight, standing in front of a mirror may help
  • Wear a non-padded regular bra.
  • The tape measure should be snug but not pinching or twisted, a well fitting sports bra may feel tighter than a regular bra, this is normal but it should not restrict breathing or movement at all.
  • Measure around your rib cage, pulling the measure tight.
  • inches 27-28 (bra size 32), 29-30 (bra size 34), 31-32 (bra size 36), 33-34 (bra size 38), 35-36 (bra size 40), 37-38 (bra size 42).
  • Then measure the fullest part of the bust and take the difference between this measurement and your bra size from the point above to find your cup size. inches -1 to 0 is A, 0 to 1 is B, 1 to 2 is C, 2 to 3 is D, 3 to 4 is DD, 4 to 5 is E, 5 to 6 is F, 6 to 7 is FF.

So for example if your rib measurement was 34 the bra size would be 38, the bust measurement was 38, the difference would be 38 -38=0 so the bra size would be 38A

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